Rauron’s Spirit Vision

Visit to Prince Gabriel at the Katakomben

The Autherdir, Condhagor Yava’in and Eferil went to the Katakomben to visit Prince Gabriel of Elysien.
The journey to the lands of the Katakomben-meeting went without problems and after some waiting the Autherdir, Condhagor Yava’in and Eferil found the tavern and surprised Prince Gabriel.

Prince Gabriel is still nervous about his Totem, we have seen the real Gabriel which gave Yava’in the answers why she had confusing conversations with the Totems. After long talks and a stroll through the gardens much became clear about what will be necessary in the coming year. When we concluded our talks, we were attacked by two Orcs, which the Autherdir and Eferil quickly disposed of after the guard of Prince Gabriel was struck down.

This was the cue for us to leave as the danger was greater than expected.

Drachenfest 2015


This summer, the Anarquendor visited the world of the Dragons for the fifth time. We were in the Phoenix-viertel and the Rudel of the Ram. It was good to see the Anarquendor have a lot of friends in the Green Camp. We got enough space to do our own bussiness and we have also been able to help the Green Camp with assingments, rituals and fights.

It was a good week and we already have a lot of plans for next year.

We hope to see our friends at the sping celebration, which is likely to be held at the end of the winter.

Rauron’s totem special

Rauron finished up writing about his experiences from his Totemritual in Fearlavan in 3941.

Be sure to check out his awesome story and mural!

Rauron’s totem special

Frühlingspiele 2015

This year we were invited again to participate in the Frühlingspiele of the Calennar.
Condhagor Yava’in and Minui Eferil traveled for this to Mauvetien.
There were a lot of discussions and we have added us, as Anarquendor, to a Rudel and a viertel of the green camp for the upcoming visit to the Dragonworld.
It has also become very clear how many (good and trustfull) friends the Anarquendor has within the green camp.

Spring Celebration and Anarquendor anniversary

At the beginning of spring, when the days and especially the nights were yet cold, the Anarquendor traveled to Mollenbrug, Moira’s Bet in the empire Loaghairnon.

The Anarquendor regiment now existed 500 years and that should be celebrated.
How better to celebrate a feast, then with your friends from the Dragonworld? The tavern of Gerrit in Mollenbrug was the ideal place for this.
We played team games, we laughed a lot, but unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our Autherdir Beriadanwen.
We’ll see how it goes with the Anarquendor, which fortunately added four new elves to the regiment.

Diplomacy at the Katakomben

At the invitation of Prince Gabriel Meeridias, a small diplomatic meeting was held at the Katakomben Tavern. Autherdir Beriadanwen and Bronad’angren traveled to Köln, Germany to meet with our friends from Elysien.

Such a feast was decked out for us! We felt quite welcome and the talks were succesful indeed. It was a wonderful evening with many fond meetings of old friends and new. Thank you, everyone from Elysien, who went through such trouble to make us feel welcome. We hope to repeat this visit in the near future.

Welcome and mae govannen

Welcome to the website of the Anarquendor en Eglerion!

We are a group of enthusiastic roleplayers who portray an elvish regiment since 2008. This started on the Dutch event called “Omen” where we were only a few elves strong. We fought against undead and greenskins, barbarians and humans. In 2011 we decided to take the Anarquendor to Drachenfest, a large German event where we can battle with nearly 5000 other players for and with the Dragons who reign this world. We have now outgrown Omen and play solely on the Drachenfest and on our self-organised specials and specials of our friends from other countries including Germany and Switzerland.

Feel free to browse our website and find out who we are. We hope to see you all on the Drachenfest!
Please note that this website is under construction and not all pages are functional at this time. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line on the forum!