Weylin Woods

Country: Weylin Woods en Keverne’s Hiding
Ruled by: Queen Tisaren Shanaehan
Capital: Shanaehan
Population: 3.950.000 (97% woodelf, 1% kender, 1% gnome, 1% human)
Exports: wood, herbs, bows, arrow, leather, hides

Weylin Woods map

Woodelves are known for their strong bond with nature, the power to survive in the wild, their archers and druids. Woodelves are also known because they generally think nature is more important than other races, and this has lead to conflict in the past.
Any one that accepts the way of life of the woodelves, respects nature and leaves them in peace can make friends for life. Wood elves are those elves who live in the deep forests, they are very close to nature and would protect it at any cost from man’s destructive urges and the greed of other races. They are not positive towards high-elves, but bear them no hatred either.

In every forest is one great city located in and around the highest trees. This city is usually ruled by a royal couple. The woodelves of Weylin are ruled by Tisaren Shanaehan. In the rest of the forests are smaller communities living nomadically or in clans. Woodelves live to be 800 years old and have characteristic pointed ears. They wear pracitcal clothing in mostly natural colours: green, brown and grey. Many woodelves have brown and green tattoos on their bodies.