Command of the Anarquendor

The Woodelf Army consists of many regiments. Each one has its own title and function within the army. High Command of the Woodelf army consists of four High Generals, each governing over a specific branch of the military.

The Anarquendor are one such regiment in the vast Woodelf army. They have consisted in the past of between 10 and 40 elves. Commmanding officers of the Anarquendor report to High Command of the Woodelf Army. They lead the Anarquendor regiment and take executive decisions as military leaders.

The commanding officer and Autherdir of the Anarquendor is currently Tegingûr, Autherdir-en-Anarquendor.
He was the Condhagor of the Anarquendor for a couple of years and when Beriadanwen stept back, he took over.

Depending on the size of his regiment while on mission, Autherdir Tegingûr has one or two Condhagors, first officers, his right and left hand.

The Anarquendor structure is loosely defined. The Autherdir makes most decisions with the Condhagors. Other Anarquendor are sent on missions but are free to suggest missions of their own volition, taking on the role of Minui, or first, to coordinate these missions. These missions must always be in concordance with their overall mission, as defined by High General Morandis.