When it rained pancakes


There once lived in a region in northern Weylin an old elven couple who were very poor. They had a small hut. Not far away was a village with a small school.

On a day when the two old elves were gathering wood, they found a purse with human money in it, who might was lost by a traveler. The old woman picked it up and hid it, and she said to her husband: “Do not say anything and go to sleep!”

The next day, very early in the morning, she ran to the village and bought eggs and flour. She baked a huge amount of pancakes, which she scattering around her cabin on the field. Then she went into her hut and woke the old man and said to him, “Oldie, you have to go to school and see that you learn something, because you are never too old to learn!”

“What else should I learn, I’m already so old!” the man exclaimed.

“That does not matter,” said the old woman, “Now go and learn something!”

And the man was sent to school for two or three days.

Meanwhile, the owners of the purses had discovered the loss and were searching for it. They also came to the hut of the two ancient elves and asked them if they had seen anything. The old woman replied that they had found nothing, but the old man said, “Yes, we found him!”

“Ah, this old man is crazy!” cried the woman, “We have not found anything. You have to keep your mouth shut, because you really are crazy.”

“No, old woman! Do you not remember that we have found the purse?”

“So,” said the old woman, “when did we found him then?”

“Do you not remember it? At the time when it rained pancakes so much that the entire field was covered with it.”

“You see?” asked the old woman to the owners of the pruse, “he babbles.”

“No way,” said the old man, “don’t you rememer that day, that was when I went to school.”

“That old man is completely insane!” said the owners of the money, “how many years ago is that!!” And they went away.