Yava’in explains:
Totemanimals or animals of power have come into existence round about the year 1470. It is rumoured that the first Totemshaman, Sherah, started it all. These animals have traits in which you can find certain messages or gain strength. Totems guide you or support you and generally protect you throughout life. They also are at the base of most of life’s lessons.

During your life one will encounter multiple Totems. Though usually only one will manifest, others do play an important part. Some Totems, called MessageTotems, will only be with you for a day, where a JourneyTotem will accompany you during a hard time in your life.

Every animals has something unique to offer. First we need to establish a level of understanding with our Totem, because communication can only be clear when we respect their position in our lives. The greater the respect we show, the more important the position of the Totem will be and through that a greater influence of the Totem.
By studying your Totem, you can discover what the Totem has to offer and how it can support you in life. It is important to realise that every animal has its own specialisation.

Everyone dreams of a great, big, strong Totem, but one forgets that an Earthworm can blindly find its way underground, and when the Worm is cut in half it lives on as two separate Worms.
Animals show behaviour in which anyone who is smart enough to observe lessons of life can discover messages of healing. These worthy gifts of healing are for free. Every lesson has an important idea or concept at its foundation. In reality every animal has hundreds of lessons to offer. All these lessons are powers that you can summon. When you call upon one of these animals, you ask for a moment of perfect harmony with the essence of the creature.

You can discover what your Totem might be by meditation with a Totemshaman or by dreaming, preferably under guidance of a Totemshaman. The moment your Totem is known creates a space in your life in which the Totem will live. Together with a Totemshaman you have to prepare for your Totemritual. This ritual is based on you and your Totem and can therefore never be the same.

bever-shutterstock-630 Beaver
Resourceful, decisively, diligent, building on dreams, hard worker, resolute, perseverance, sometimes stubborn and rigid.
Rauron received his second Totem in 3942 during Drachenfest.
Blackbird-6 Blackbird
Magic, mother nature, unknown, protecting family, connecting with nature, creativity, attention to details.
Alagosion received his Totem in 3924.
blauwe-vlaamse-gaai-18859886 Blue Jay
Responsible, royal, adaptability, resourcefulness, group lead, positivity, compassion, empathy.
Prince Gabriel received his Totem in 3943 on Drachenfest.
totem_cat Cat
Independent, energy balance, mystery, proud, self-assurance, love, luck.
Indilwen took part in her Totem ritual for her Journey Totem, the wild Cat, during Drachenfest in 3940.
totem_crane Crane
Fortune, long life, balance, emotional balance, good health, brings good news, pure joy, to be focused on your goals.
Cahtros received his Totem in a very hard ritual during Drachenfest in 3941
totem_crow Crow
Alert for trouble, keeper of knowledge, watchfulness, give peace to the death.
Limethion received his Totem in a heavy ritual during Drachenfest in 3941
totem_falcon Falcon
Fast messenger, keen observer, recognizes and receives signs, promotes life in here and now, freedom.
Yava’in received her Totem at a very young age in 3470.
totem_heron Heron
Balance, meditation, patience.
Finn, the human of the Calennar, received his Totem in a quiet ritual during Drachenfest 3940.
totem_lizard Lizard
Dreams, release, dodge, the nature in ourselves, regenerative power, flexible, subtle observation, calm.
Baumschubser, a human healer, received his Totem in the same intense ritual as Parthalan during Drachenfest in 3939.
totem_monkey Monkey
Happiness, friendship, intelligence, flexibility.
Eferil received his Totem with the ‘help’ of the human of the Calennar, Haddingur, during Drachenfest 3940.
totem_otter Otter
Curious, playfulness, family oriented, inner child wake, sharing, cheerful, friendship, collaboration, fun.
Lalaith received her Totem after her first time at Drachenfest in 3938.
Asger received his Totem in a very bloody way at Drachenfest in 3943.
totem_owl Owl
Wisdom, clairvoyance, messenger, silent observation, love for the truth, knowledge, bringer of dreams.
Yava’in received her Journey Totem after she helped stopping the Locust plague in 3785 because of good thinking.
totem_ram Ram
Power, force, drive, energy, protection, fearlessness, virility.
Karthan received his Totem in a hard ritual during Drachenfest in 3941
Hope, quarrel, new beginning, sexuality, resurrection.
Sylvitharion received his Totem in 3938, this was Yava’ins hundredth Totemritual where she became a totemmentor.
Liiri, a human received his Totem during Drachenfest in 3941.
8510745827_1decc9c1e7_b Snake
Balance, patience, cunning, rebirth, wisdom, transformation, awareness, protection, intuition.
Rauron received his first Totem in Fearlavan in spring 3941.
Connection between the past, the present en the future. Weaving a web of fate. Luck. Creativity.
Juna a kendar received her Totem during Drachenfest in 3942.
totem_squirrel Squirrel
Energy, activity, preparedness, happiness, social feeling, mindfulness, playfulness, trust.
Indilwen received her first Totem just before she went to Drachenfest in 3939.
bok Steinbock/Stenbuk
With both feed on the ground, balace, strong, though, curious, friendly, sometimes stubborn, adaptability. Female Steinbocks stand for the groupfeeling and keeping the group together. The male Steinbock stand for leadership and are solitairy.
Björn, the human leader of the Hairulf, received his Totem in an intense ritual with 3 Steinbocks during Drachenfest in 3942.
totem_viper (1) Viper
Transformation, secrets, resurgence, rebirth, wisdom, initiation, health, fertility, faith, power, medicine.
Tegingûr received his Totem during the Frühlingspielen in Mauvetien in 3940.
totem_wolf Wolf
Sensitive, sympathetic, cunning, perseverance, creative, intuition, freedom, loyalty, intelligence, protection.
Yava’in received her fourth (journey) Totem after Drachenfest 3940 for extra protection.
Tarias is also happy with his Wolf as his Totem.