Wood Elf
Wood elves are known for their strong bond with nature, their ability to survive in the wild, their archers and druids. They are also known for thinking nature is more important than other races, which has led to conflict in the past. Those who respect and accept the way of life of wood elves and respect nature, can make friends for life.
Wood elves protect nature and will take up arms to stop the destruction of nature by other races. They are not positively-minded towards high elves, but bear them no hatred.
In Weylin Woods is one large city, typically ruled by a king and queen. The current queen is Tisaren Shanaehan. The rest of the woods is home to small communities living nomadically. Wood elves live to be 800 years old and have the characteristic pointed ears. They wear practical clothing in natural colours, mostly greens, browns and greys. Many wood elves wear green and brown tattoos.

High Elf
High elves have originated from Wood Elves, but they have completely withdrawn from nature to practice the forms of magic. They experiment a lot with magic and have a tendency to prioritise their experiments over anything else that matters. High elves live to be 500 years old. They have the characteristic pointed ears of elves and like to wear light but expensive clothing. They appreciate luxury. Because of their natural skills with magic, there are a lot of mages in their communities, but other professions also have their place.

The dwarves are short, but stout, and males wear long beards. They live under mountains, where they often build a mine. Thanks to the dwarves there are iron ore, precious metals and precious stones. The dwarves wear strong, practical clothes in earth tones. Their kingdoms under the mountains are ruled by a king. Dwarves live to be 650 years old. Because of their powerful body and their knowledge of things under the earth, dwarves are good and capable warriors. In their blacksmithing they can perform their only kind of magic: rune magic.

The gnomes live secluded in holes in the hills. They form small communities, each with their own kind of system. They are slightly taller and more solidly built than kendar. They wear simple clothes in natural colours. The male gnomes like to grow a mustache or small beard, but they are not to be mistaken for dwarves! Gnomes live to be 350 years old. The curiosity of the gnomes has lead to many discoveries, including those in the field of alchemy. Because of their unbridled curiosity and the problems that sometimes leads to, they have also learned to be excellent healers.

The kendar are the only race without their own territory. They live in the lands of other races, where they profit from the communities of their hosts. They stand out because they are small and because of their slightly pointed ears. They like to dress colourfully and have a taste for bizarre and excentric accessoiries. They love the good life: eating, drinking, enjoying tobacco and music. Kendar live to be about 120 years old. They like to practice their agility and many of them are rogues, but not all are criminals. Kendars are also know to be excellent bards.

Humans are known for their trading skills, their eagerness to learn new things, work hard and their acceptance of other races. They are probably the most commonly known race, but haven’t always lived in this part of the world. In the year 2248 they arrived on the coast of what they later called the Empire Laoghairnon. The capital of the Empire Loghairnon is Torquil. Loghairnon has approximately 5.3 million inhabitants (91% human, 4% kendar, 2% gnome, 1% elf). Their main exports are grains, wool, cheese, milk, livestock and fabrics.