Rystill, Goddess of Nature
Rystill loves nature, and hates “civilisation”. Her most common appearance is a noble woman in whose pose both the power of the earthquake as the serenity of an undisturbed lake can be read. She shall never be reigned by mortals, but might be willing to support those who show they live in harmony with nature. She has a close bond with the spirits. Her sign is a tree over water

Angharad, Goddess of Death
The road to the realm of the dead is a broken bridge, and it can be crossed in one direction only. Angharad stands on this bridge and lures the lost souls with her lantern. She looks like a simple fisherman’s wife, and only walks the land of the living in times of war and epidemic. Her lantern can be seen all over the world as a light on the horizon. The lost souls are drawn to it like moths to a flame. When someone wants to speak to the dead, they must always consult Angharad.
Her sign is a lantern.

Doran, God of Honour and Vengeance
Doran was a son and follower of Shivaun, a warrior-priest, but one day Sion separated him from his God. Sion lured him into a ritual circle where the gods could not reach him, and kept him a prisoner there for more than a year. Doran became insane and finally took his own life, but he never found peace. The light of Angharad’s lantern could not reach his eyes. After many years of imprisonment, Sion grew tired of the crying and pleas of Doran, and let the prayers reach Shivaun. Shivaun dressed Doran in divine power because he saw something special in the pathetic human that was once a mighty warrior. Doran is only the empty shell of who he once was, and only feels honour and the need for revenge.
His sign is a set of scales, with one side lower than the other

Driscoll, God of Knowledge and Wisdom
Driscoll is an ugly old drunkard. He is dotingly called so even by the other gods. He might know the right answer in every case, but tact isn’t one of his strong suits. He is blunt and straight to the point. When you want to beseech his wisdom, you’d better bring him a good offering.
His sign is the cup of knowledge.

Dymphna, Goddess of Love and Beauty
Dymphna is beautiful. Any man who looks upon her, will think of nothing else. Her male priests are often blinded. Usually, the female priests are higher in rank. Dymphna is often portrayed with two ugly male subjects who are not blind. They behave like lapdogs to her.
Her sign is a face divided in two by a vertical line.

Eliamne, Goddess of Life
Eliamne is often portrayed as a child sowing seeds. She brings life to newborns and is often called upon by pregnant women. She is forever a child herself, with endless energy and enthusiasm. She is like the sun, and can always be seen in the life around us. As goddess of life she als also goddess of change and time. There are rumours Eliamne became an old woman and crossed Angharad’s bridge after Kalithé was raised to godhood.
Her sign is an egg with a fetus inside.

Finea, Goddess of Luck and Misfortune
Finea is one part of triplets, holding both her sisters by their shoulders. Both look another way. Only Finea speaks, and she never mentions the name of her sisters. She simple calls them Luck and Misfortune. Her influence on this world is indirect, she can only whisper things to her sisters. Praying to Finea might be considered a waste of time. She is not widely revered.
Her sign is a double spiral, inside a circle.

Haldor, God of Order and Justice
Haldor is usually portrayed as an elderly gentleman in a toga. He is the protector of those who keep the peace, of judges, justicars and magistrates. He has no visible sense of humour, but can get along with Sion as long as he behaves somewhat. Haldor often speaks when crimes remain unsolved. He also sends Sion to criminals who might escape justice. Perhaps he has a black sense of humour.
His sign is the sword.

Moira, Goddess of Peace and Healing
Moira despises fighting, weapons, noise and dischord. She is a frail woman, dressed in white, protector of peace treaties and healers. She will never resort to anger or violence, but in her own way has great power. She has a close bond with her sister Nadia and silently dispatches the mess Shivaun, Doran and Sion make every now and then. Moira doesn’t speak, but decides to heal or refuse healing, to bring peace or not. She doesn’t explain, but acts.
Her sign is a triangle filled with two dark triangles and a light diamond.

Shivaun, God of War and Battle
Shivaun is often portrayed as a fighter, scarred by battle. On most drawings he misses a few fingers or one of his limbs, but in brute force he overrules all other gods and godesses. However, he lacks their intelligence. Shivaun is no fool, but he lets his emotions get the better of him. Together with Doran he decides the fate of all on the battlefield. They judge the courage, strategy, honour and skills of those in battle and decide who will win. Shivaun often scolds Doran for being detached, as a good warrior knows how to use his emotion. But Doran is only the empty shell of his former self, only possessed by his feeling for honour and his desire for revenge.
His sign is a humanoid with one arm.

Sion, God of Trickery and Secrets
With his child-like face and open, cheerful look, Sion looks rather innocent, but nothing could be further from the truth. Sion has caused at least as many wars with his jokes as all the gods together. It is said that Sion is incapable of telling the truth, but that would be too predictable for this god. It is wise not to take all of his advice to heart. One thing Sion excels at, is keeping a secret. If one swears to Sion’s name to keep a secret, it would be wise do to so. Sion isn’t a vengeful god, but he is always looking for new victims for his tricks.
His sign is a snake.

Trovat, God of Travel and Trade
Trovat has an exotic appearance. His sun-tanned skin and bright clothing make for a striking appearance. He talks a lot and has many stories. It is unknown whether all his stories are true, but his repuation as a bard sometimes even overshadows his reputation as a tradesman. But of course, no tradesman wants to be known to be sly… The biggest profit any merchant can make is to be underestimated.
His sign is a road disappearing into the distance, with the sun and moon above it.

Kalithé, God of Eternal Life
Kalithé is a huge cloud with six eyes. Two eyes are green, two eyes are blue, and two eyes are red. As master of eternal life the god sees no evil in living forever. He cherishes the gift of Being, and moves heaven and earth to keep mortals on this side of Angharad’s bridge. Kalithé comes across as being calm and calculating. It is obvious that time holds no meaning for him. Eliamne’s presence was seen as a burden. While she views death as a part of the cycle of life, this is an unnecessary concept for Kalithé. The other gods mean very little to him. He was the first undead that existed.
His sign is an ankh, upside down