Once, all the elves were of one race. They were the first race to establish a kingdom and they were the first to count the years. All other races have copied their way of measuring the time of years passing.
They were the first founders of temples and they have developed the most forms of magic. In the year 190 there was the first contact between elves and orcs. In the year 385 elves met dwarves for the first time. Eightteen years later they formed an alliance between dwarves and elves.
The elves have lived in peace for as long as they could, and when the dwarves waged war with the gnomes, the elves helped negotiate a peace.

Despite the fact that elves lived in peace, they had great warriors to protect their lands from the dangers of the wild. But the peace came abruptly to an end in 1081 when the orcs wanted to rule over the, in their eyes, more inferior races. This was the first of a few very large wars that would come in later years.
The next war that came was one where the most elves have suffered: a civil war leading to separation of the elves.

In that time most of the great magicians were elves, and the development of magic was something elves worked on with great pride. Everything worked fine until black magic was found. The first intention of black magic was to control life itself. This brought a rupture between the elves wanting do develop black magic and those who were closer to magic and the gods. This rupture grew and grew. Slowly, the two camps became more agressive in their attempts to be proven right in their vision of how magic should be developed.

This led to a civil war in 1346. The battle was not just one of soldiers, for each side employed a great number of magicians, casting violent magics on the other army. In 1401 this war led to the division and creation of high-elves. A devasting spell cleared the entire forest in the north of Weylin Woods, creating the territory known as the Clearing. Those elves who remained true to nature since then were called wood-elves.

After the separation within the elves the woodelves lived in peace for a while. They still distrusted the high-elves but there were no further hositilities.
The greatest surprise came in 1783 when some woodelf scouts saw a ritual where a high-elf necromancer killed a few gnomes, only to raise them as undead. It was clear to the woodelves what black magic truly did.

Since that moment the problems with undead kept getting worse and worse and in 1859 an army of undead attacked the forests of the woodelves, but they were repelled. These attacks were not lead by high-elf necomancers, but by intelligent undead. In 1926 the large offense came from a then-city of the high elves, where undead and black magicians tried to overrun the land. This war, known as the First Undead War, ended in 2059.
For the wood-elves, it was far from the last war.

In 2248 large numbers of humans came to the beachheads of Laoghairnon and started chopping down trees to build their towns. An alliance of woodelves, dwarves and gnomes started a war with humans. This war lasted until 2586, when humans had shown to the other races they had not come with evil intentions.
In 2738 the trouble with undead arose again. Smaller groups and then larger armies came from the North. All races worked together to ward off this foe.

When in 2968 there was a plague, woodelves appeared to be immune. They claimed to thank their immunity to Rystill and Eliamne. The woodelves kept fighting while the other races slowly fell to this plague, and because of their immunity woodelves fought in nearly every army. In 3155 the Second Undead War ended with a large final battle of all armies.

Since the last undead war it was quiet in the forests, until 3922 there was a giant earthquake. This earthquake killed the royal couple ruling in the capital of Weylin, leaving their two daughters alone. Since then their oldest daughter, Tisaren Shanaehan, rules. She is still very young but not unskilled and with the support of her people she looks towards the future.
Her rangers and scouts are sent to roam the lands because nature has been unquiet after the earthquake. Why exactly this is, is unknown, but for the people of the forest it can be seen in every trembling leaf.


With thanks to Omen Larp.