Rauron Rovanasgar

Rauron Rovanasgar

Lend me your ear

Looking to hear a story? Rauron’s next chapter is finally ready for you to enjoy! Head on over and give it a read, or just enjoy the colorful pictures. It covers everything From the end of drachenfest of 2016 up to the spring of EC. 3944 (2017).

Technical Site Update

This website has been up and running for a while now, so all the technical thingamabobs that keep it running were in sore need of an update. So much so that it was temporarily impossible to upload anything. But all that has been solved now by our very own tech-wizard, Joost (aka Tîwion)! The forum has had a similar update, so if you feel like dropping us a message, come on by and say hi!

Stay a while and listen

The next chapter in Rauron’s ongoing story is finally up and ready for your perusal! This story tells all about the Drachenfest of the year EC. 3943 (2016), from Rauron’s point of view. If you’re up for a big read, Click Here!


The story of Rauron continues in this latest update! This painting and story covers the entire spring and early summer of the year EC. 3943 (2016). If you want to check it out, Click Here!

Drachenfest 2017

For the seventh time the Anarquendor have ventured to the world of the Dragons to answer the summons of the Green dragon. The journey was not without its challenges, but as behooves any regiment we remained undeterred by rain or mud. Many interesting things happened; we made new friends, forged new alliances, and strengthened the bonds already in place. The Green Camp continues to develop and grow in wonderful ways, and we look forward to be part of that process again next year!

Drachenfest 2017

Rauron’s Fifth Journey

Still far behind, but slowly gaining on current events, the latest installment of Rauron’s story is finally online! This tells the story of the Feast of the Dragons during EC. 3942 (2015). To read the entire story, Click Here!

Whispers of Chaos

In the year 3944 of the Elven Calendar, spring has come early to the Weylin Woods. Rauron, protected by a powerful illusion to hide his transformation, has returned to the capital city Shanaehan to continue his training. But the touch of chaos still weighs heavy on his mind. Espescially in the dead of night, when dreams come unbidden.

The story continues

The story of the Anarquendor, as seen by Rauron, continues in his latest painting. It relates the events of the Anarquendor celebrations early in the year EC. 3942 (spring 2015).

To read the whole story, click here.

Rauron’s fourth journey

Rauron has finally finished his painting about his fourth mission to the drachenfest in EC. 3941 (summer 2014).

You can read the whole story here!